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2021 Suzuki GSX-S1000 revealed with a new look and more powerful engine

Suzuki has pulled the covers off the 2021 GSX-S1000, showing off its new look, updated engine and improved electronics.

The popular naked bike has been given completely new bodywork and lighting, now sporting a sharper, more angular aesthetic designed to give it a ‘mass-forward’ appearance.

It’s available in three colours, called triton blue, gloss black and a new matt grey. It also gets textured radiator shrouds, Moto GP-inspired winglets, and urban camo side panels.

The biggest departure from the old model, though, is the vertically stacked headlight, which gives a wider, brighter light while also contributing to the narrower, more aggressive styling. There’s an LED rear light, too, with LED indicators front and rear.

Photos: PA Media

The engine is a four-cylinder unit and has more power than before with a wider spread of torque in the lower rev range – peak power is still incredibly high, though, with 150bhp at 11,000rpm.

A new exhaust is said to keep the old bike’s raucous soundtrack while also aiding in the extra power output and meeting Euro 5 emissions through an additional catalytic converter. Other upgrades include a new intake, new valve springs and a new clutch.

There have also been wide ranging updates to the electronics, with a new ride-by-wire throttle improving throttle control, a new drive mode selector providing three engine mapping choices, and a new traction control system.

As for the chassis, there are new 23mm tapered bars, which are wider than before to help riders pitch into the turn, while they’ve also been moved 20mm closer to improve comfort. Suspension comes in the form of adjustable KYB units, while the fuel tank has increased to 19 litres providing a 194-mile range.

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Enter: the 2021 Yamaha TMAX 20th Anniversary

The powered two-wheel world changed forever when Yamaha launched the original TMAX back in 2001. By being the very first machine to offer motorcycle performance with scooter comfort and convenience, this dynamic Sport Scooter has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of TMAXers all over Europe.

As the best-selling Sport Scooter in Europe every single year since its launch, the TMAX has been on an incredible journey, and along the way has established a truly iconic status among its legions of fans. Two decades after the introduction of the very first TMAX, Yamaha has created a special edition model that marks the outstanding achievements of one of the most loved and revered designs in the company’s history.

Featuring a range of exclusive equipment and offered in a unique new colour, the TMAX 20th Anniversary celebrates the continuing success of the world’s most successful Sport Scooter, and gives TMAX lovers the opportunity to own the ultimate edition of this truly remarkable Yamaha.

Before TMAX, anyone looking for a fast, comfortable and enjoyable way to get to work had the choice of a smaller capacity scooter or a geared motorcycle. Both of these options were fine for many customers, but neither was the ideal solution for a discerning group of commuters and leisure riders who specifically wanted a machine that offered the simplicity of a “twist and go” automatic scooter together with the thrilling acceleration and high speed stability of a sports motorcycle.

Recognising the gap in the market, Yamaha’s designers embarked upon the project to build the world’s fastest scooter in the late 1990s. Nothing was ruled in or out, and in true Yamaha style the company ignored conventional thinking and created a totally new kind of hybrid two-wheeler that successfully combined the advanced engine and suspension technology from a motorcycle with user-friendly scooter features. Equipped with a step-through chassis and wind-beating bodywork – as well as automatic transmission, luxurious seating and a large underseat storage space – the radical TMAX was a huge gamble for Yamaha, but it was a gamble that was to forever change the face of long distance commuting.

Photos: Yamaha

The rest is history, and in 2001 this innovative and exciting high performance maxi scooter was launched into a vibrant European market that had never seen anything like it before. Its unique blend of motorcycle performance combined with scooter comfort and convenience made long and medium distance commuting quicker, easier and more fun than ever before.

In fact the original TMAX was so far ahead of its time that there wasn’t even a category for it, and so Yamaha created the Sport Scooter class which has since grown to become the most important segment in the scooter business.

TMAX has maintained its immense popularity and has been the best-selling Sport Scooter every year since its introduction 20 years ago. With almost 300,000 units sold to date in Europe, TMAX is by far and away the most successful Sport Scooter ever produced, and is one of the most important models in Yamaha’s line-up.

As a tribute to the outstanding success of the TMAX over the past two decades, Yamaha is introducing the new TMAX 20th Anniversary. Only 560 individually-numbered units will be manufactured, making it one of Yamaha’s most exclusive special editions that is sure to be appreciated by TMAX customers all over Europe.

The key feature on this new model is the forged carbon bodywork that gives every scooter its own “fingerprint”. Unlike traditional carbon fibre which has a uniform weave pattern, each of the forged carbon fibre components used on the TMAX 20th Anniversary has its own individual surface finish that makes every one of the 560 units unique.

The distinctive boomerang body panels as well as the front fender and muffler heat shield are all manufactured from this strong and lightweight carbon material, giving the TMAX 20th Anniversary an even more dynamic look and premium feel – and yellow highlights on the boomerangs and fender are a reminder of the original model’s bright yellow colour scheme.

Manufactured from premium grade materials, the exclusive heated seat features yellow stitching to match the accents on the boomerangs and front fender, and a 20th Anniversary logo confirms the scooter’s exclusive status. Heated grips are also standard, and these feature special end grips that enhance this iconic Sport Scooter’s specification.

Each TMAX 20th Anniversary will be fitted with a numbered badge that confirms its exclusivity as one of just 560 units that have been manufactured as a tribute to the industry’s most successful and iconic Sport Scooter. Together with the unique “fingerprint” of the forged carbon bodywork, the production number gives every individual model its own special identity.

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Suzuki updates Burgman 400

Suzuki has updated its popular Burgman 400 scooter, bringing a raft of upgrades alongside a revised 400cc engine.

First launched in 1998, the Burgman went through updates in both 2006 and 2018. This new version – set to arrive in dealerships this summer –  introduces a new twin-plug cylinder head incorporating simultaneous ignition timing, delivering strong power delivery and added combustion efficiency. As well as improving fuel consumption, the change also reduces the possibility of engine knocking in the upper-speed range.

The injectors have been changed from 16-hole to 10-hole too, which helps to improve fuel consumption further. A new catalytic converter helps to ensure that exhaust gases are kept as clean as possible.

Photos: PA Media

A new traction control system has been fitted to the Burgman 400, aiding when riding in slippery conditions. A new ABS unit, which is 36kg lighter than before, has also been included.

Practicality levels have also been retained through 42 litres of underseat storage, which combines with 6.3 litres of storage in the forward compartments. This area also houses a 12V charging socket for electronic devices.

LED running lights, headlights and taillights have been fitted to ensure high levels of nighttime visibility, while Suzuki’s Advanced Immobiliser System and a magnetic ignition barrel cover ensures that only the owner can start the bike. A chain gate allows the rider to use a chain lock and loop it through the bodywork, around the frame and around an immovable object when parked.

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Aprilia updates learner-friendly SX and RX125 models

Aprilia has revised its SX125 and RX125 motorcycles.

Popular with learner riders, both bikes arrive with a new engine, clearer instruments and a new ECU which should provide sharper throttle response.

Both bikes weigh in at just 134kg with fluids and benefit from a Bosch ABS system for better braking performance. Each bike receives 41mm forks with 240mm of travel, too.

Both the SX125 and RX125 use 124.2cc single-cylinder which produces 14.8bhp and complies with the latest Euro5 emissions regulations. It’s also fully CBT-compliant, meaning that riders will be able to legally pilot it with L-plates after finishing compulsory basic training. That new ECU should help to make the throttle more responsive too, while a new exhaust features a steel silencer with Aprilia badging.

Photos: PA Media

The SX125 rides on 17-inch wheels with road-going tyres, while the RX125 has a more off-road look thanks to knobbly tyres. The RX125 uses 21-inch rims up front and 18-inch rims at the rear, too.

A new LCD display is fitted to both bikes which relays information such as speed and two trip computers. A USB charging port can also be fitted under the seat as an optional extra. A special Rally Tribute colour scheme can also be specified for the RX125 which brings colours from Aprilia’s rallying heritage. A Red Raceway exterior paint can be optioned for the SX125, too.

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Honda upgrades its luxurious Gold Wing ‘Tour’

The Honda Gold Wing, since its introduction as a naked 1000cc machine in 1975, has always represented the ultimate in two-wheeled travel. And it’s a motorcycle that’s been very much on its own journey, growing in physical size and displacement over the decades, all the while creating an enduring and unrivalled reputation for luxury, quality and comfort.

For 2018, in response to the evolution of demographics and the motorcycle market, it made a radical departure from what would have been a traditional update trajectory. The GL1800 Gold Wing and Gold Wing ‘Tour’ took a new direction and, brand new from the wheels-up, became sleeker, lighter and more agile – very much a rider’s motorcycle – while adding a host of new features to cement the Gold Wing’s reputation as a technological flagship, including the option of seven-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT).

Photos: Honda

And, as a result, the Gold Wing Tour’s appeal became instantly broader, reaching out to a younger generation of motorcyclists that may have overlooked – or simply not been aware of – the previous incarnation. In 2020, standard-fit LED fog lights, larger pillion grab handles plus improvements to suspension and slow speed manoeuvrability further complemented the evocative, flat six-cylinder engine beating at the heart of Honda’s premium tourer.

For 2021, the Gold Wing Tour gains carrying capacity, improved pillion comfort and an audio upgrade, further cementing its standalone desirability.

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Triumph updates Bonneville range for 2021

Triumph has revised its Bonneville range for 2021, bringing a more efficient engine and enhanced handling.

The new Bonneville T120 and T120 Black shed 7kg over their predecessor through the use of lightweight aluminium wheels, while both bikes benefit from higher-specification Brembo brakes and twin discs.

Cruise control comes fitted as standard while both road and rain riding modes have been enhanced, too.

Photos: PA Media

The Bonneville T100 has also been updated. The 1200cc twin engine is now Euro 5 compliant, yet is more responsive while producing lower emissions than before. It gains 10bhp over the older Bonneville engine, resulting in a total of 64bhp and 80Nm of torque. It’s also more responsive and brings a red line 500rpm higher than before.

It’s 4kg lighter than before, while a higher specification Brembo front brake has been fitted too.

The new Street Twin gains a cleaner and more efficient 900cc twin engine. A new deeper foam, more comfortable bench seat has been fitted while new cast wheels with machined detailing match the brushed aluminium detailing used on the bodywork. A special Street Twin Gold Line bike – limited to just 1,000 units – receives a matt sapphire black paint scheme with gold detailing.

The Bonneville Speedmaster and Bonneville Bobber have also been revised with more efficient engines, with both utilising a 1200cc engine. Both receive new Showa forks, while the Bobber benefits from a larger fuel tank as well as a 16-inch fat front wheel.

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MV Agusta updates Dragster RR for 2021

MV Agusta has announced a revised version of its Dragster RR motorcycle.

The performance motorcycle has been given a variety of upgrades, applied to areas such as the engine, chassis and gearbox.

The engine has had updates to make it meet Euro5 standards, with higher pressure injectors ensuring the unit runs more smoothly, while a redesigned exhaust has been fitted too. This is combined with a new clutch and a revised quickshifter, while MV Agusta’s auto-clutch can also be fitted as an option.

Dragster RR motorcycle. Photos: PA Media

Total power for the engine stands at 138bhp, with MV Agusta quoting a top speed of 151.6mph.

A variety of bronze-coloured elements brighten up an otherwise dark exterior, while a black frame helps to extend the Dragster’s stealthy appearance.

The linkage for the rear suspension has been changed to elevate the bike’s comfort levels, while new side plates for the frame make it stiffer than before. The front suspension has also been retuned to tie in with the rest of the updates.

The throttle has been sharpened up too, while a new lean-sensitive traction control system has been incorporated alongside cornering ABS for an added sense of security when going through the bends. A central 5.5-inch TFT screen gives the rider access to all key information and it can be paired with a smartphone to help provide navigation instructions too.

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Suzuki unveils new Hayabusa

Suzuki’s third-generation Hayabusa has been revealed with a variety of innovative and high-performance new features.

First launched in 1999, the Hayabusa was one of the very first ‘hypersport’ motorcycles thanks to its huge engine and impressive performance.

Now, nearly 200,000 units later, there’s a new one. Suzuki has put a greater focus on luxury with this latest Hayabusa, while incorporating high-tech features such as vertically stacked LED headlights and twin dials which flank a large central TFT screen. Here, riders will be able to see information such as lean angle, front and rear brake pressure and even the current position of the accelerator.

The bike is powered by a 1,340cc four-cylinder engine which, though essentially the same as that found in the previous-generation Hayabusa, has been extensively re-worked. The pistons have been lightened and reshaped, while larger bearings have been incorporated too. A new exhaust system with three catalytic converters ensures the bike meets Euro5 standards as well.

In total the engine kicks out 187.74bhp, which helps the motorcycle to hit an electronically limited top speed of 186mph.

Suzuki Hayabusa. Photos: PA Media

A wide-sweeping range of electronic systems have been incorporated into the new Hayabusa, too. Suzuki’s Intelligent Ride System (IRIS) features a variety of new technologies, with highlights including a full drive mode selector, launch control system and a hill-hold system – among others.

Riders are also able to choose from one of three power modes, with a full-power setting followed by a softer second mode which reduces initial power but builds to the same peak power. The third mode, meanwhile, has reduced maximum power output.

Bringing the whole affair to a stop are 320mm front discs with Brembo Stylema calipers. They sit inside new seven-spoke wheels shod in Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tyres.

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BMW Motorrad achieves its second-best sales result in history in 2020

Despite the coronavirus pandemic-related challenges in 2020, BMW Motorrad was able to hand over 169,272 motorbikes and scooters to customers, thus achieving the second-best sales result ever (previous year: 175,162 vehicles/ -3.4 per cent). This sales result underpins the successful growth strategy of BMW Motorrad. The market launches of 13 new models, the strong BMW Motorrad product portfolio as well as the worldwide BMW Motorrad dealership partners who, despite the most difficult circumstances, were able to make 2020 a success thanks to their tireless efforts were the reasons for this positive result.

Markus Schramm, head of BMW Motorrad, said: “Following difficult months from March to June, the entire BMW Motorrad team was able to turn the tide by applying a high degree of pragmatic flexibility and great personal commitment. In addition to arguably the best BMW Motorrad product offering ever, it was this team effort, of which I am very proud, that made the second-best sales result ever possible in 2020.”

Dr Schramm added: “The market launch of the BMW R 18 was certainly one of the highlights in 2020. The long-awaited big boxer has been very well received by both the specialist press and customers worldwide.”

With an increase of 1,224 vehicles and thus 27,516 units sold, Germany was even able to improve on the previous record year and remains the largest market for BMW Motorrad. This success also contributes to a pleasing overall European result for BMW Motorrad.

The impact of the pandemic has affected the main European markets differently. While France was also up on the previous year with 17,539 units (previous year: 17,300 units), Italy (13,918 units), Spain (11,030 units) and Great Britain/Ireland (7,315 units) recorded slightly lower sales figures. This results in a slight volume decline of -5.3 per cent for the European region as a whole.

BMW Motorrad continues to grow in the Chinese and Brazilian markets. With 11,788 motorbikes and scooters sold (previous year: 8,818 units), BMW Motorrad achieved +33.7 per cent growth in China. A similarly positive development was observed in Brazil. With 10,707 vehicles sold (previous year: 10.064 units) and a growth of +6.4 per cent, the South American market is among the top 7 BMW Motorrad markets in 2020.

With a total of almost 80,000 units sold, the boxer models continue to form the backbone of BMW Motorrad’s success. The traditionally strong position of the hallmark BMW Motorrad drive was further strengthened in 2020 with the launch of the 1800 cc displacement R 18 engine.

The single-cylinder BMW G 310 R and BMW G 310 GS models enjoyed unbroken popularity in 2020. In order to be fit for the future, both models have undergone an extensive revision and will be presented to the public in autumn 2020 with a new look and the latest technology. With over 17,000 motorbikes sold worldwide, these two agile all-rounders are a permanent fixture in the BMW Motorrad portfolio and contributed to the overall success in 2020.

The market launch of the BMW R 18 was certainly one of the highlights in 2020

BMW Motorrad hit the bull’s eye with the market launch of the new F 900 R and F 900 XR models. With 14,429 models sold, BMW Motorrad was able to further expand its strong position in the mid-range segment. Together with the other models such as the BMW F 750 GS, BMW F 850 GS and BMW F 850 GS Adventure, the total share of the two-cylinder series already exceeds 35,000 units.

Despite the fact that the general conditions worldwide remain unpredictable, Timo Resch, head of sales and marketing at BMW Motorrad, is also quite positive about the year 2021.

“First of all, my special thanks go to our BMW Motorrad dealership partners who, despite great challenges, were able to make 2020 a successful year with creativity, flexibility and tireless commitment,” he said.

“We will again deliver a variety of strong new products to our customers in 2021 together with our strong partners. The M 1000 RR, one of the most spectacular sports bikes, is waiting to be released onto the racetracks of this world. As a relaxed counterpoint, we are sending the R 18 into its first full season with a rich range of accessories. With the S 1000 R, we are launching a highly emotional and uncompromising power roadster featuring super-sporty riding dynamics. We will also present one or two surprises with regard to e-mobility this year.”

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